Instant HQ
1,200 AUD  / month
This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 31 days
Minimum Commitment 6 months

Why exclude your team from the best office in town?
Use @thespacenoosa as your HQ, with access to a gorgeous light airy boardroom, onsite facilities and instant Networking.
What you wont have to deal with
- A Landlord
- Power Bills
- Water Bills
- Wifi Bills
- Long Lease agreements
Set up of an office space to make it look asthetically pleasing to your clients/guests including outlay of furniture and receptionist
You also wont get such a prime location for the price
Thats right, call @thespacenoosa your new office.
An affordable price for the team that arent quite ready to commit to opening their own office, when we have everything you need.
This is great for the team that are out and about, on the road and love the idea of an instant HQ.
Grow your brand awareness amoungst other business owners, enhance word of mouth and expand your client reach.

This plan has been designed for a minimum of 4 each who work for the same business and dont necessarily need to be all in the office at once.
Great for a team of Real Estate Agents, a Digital and Marketing agency for instance or Insurance firm for instance. Those that already work from home as a collective team but would like somewhere to congregate and get productive and innovative.
This plan allows you to all be onsite at once, or individually or how you please. There are collectively 368 hours a month to use, perfect for a small firm wanting to expand their networks and move their office out of home. Ideal for that small team who arent ready to commit to the overheads that comes with a commercial office.
Called the Work/Life Corporate as its designed to make you live more of a work life balance sharing the load amongst your peers and growing your revenue all at the same time. A space where you can come together and be productive.
Includes 2 dedicated desks and 2 flexi desks, meaning the team member using the flexi desk might not sit at the same desk each time, nor do they need to bring in everything

Time Passes
  • Hourly Pass
    8.50 AUD (368 included/month)
  • 24/7 Access Upgrade
    130.00 AUD / month
  • Supper Club
    4.00 AUD / month
Booking Credits
  • The Boardroom
    Price per hour: 32.00 AUD
    20h/month included
  • Multi Purpose Room
    Price per hour: 15.00 AUD
    15h/month included
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