Entrepreneurs Club
45 AUD  / month
Renews automatically
Cancellation Notice
31 days
Minimum Commitment
3 months

So you're happy, you don't need us, we get it, you have a fabulous home office and or Commercial Space but you are interested in Networking and expanding your network.
By joining the Entrepreneurs Club you get access to the following:
Monthly Networking
Hi-Vibe Entrepreneurs to meet and mingle with
Opportunity to participate in a Q and A at a Networking Event
$15 off an 8 hour Day Passes (Full price is $49.50)
(Maybe you like to mix it up and come in from time to time to get away from the office)
$10 off Meeting Room Hire (Full price p/h $28)
(Great for meetings that you would prefer to have away from a busy cafe or your home office)
1 FREE Day Pass a month to use (must be booked)
PLUS not to mention all the amazing connections that comes by being a member of the Entrepreneurs Club. That's Priceless.

Time Passes
Day Pass
49.50 AUD
(1 included/month)
Virtual Mailbox
29.70 AUD / month
Booking Credits
Booking Credit
Flexi Desk 02 / Flexi Desk 03 / Flexi Desk 04
+ 8 more
Price per hour: 9.35 AUD
5h/month included (combined)
Booking Passes
Day Pass
Flexi Desk 03 / Flexi Desk 02 / Flexi Desk 09 / Flexi Desk 06 / Flexi Desk 04 / Flexi Desk 07 / Flexi Desk 12 / Flexi Desk 05 / Flexi Desk 10 / Flexi Desk 11 / Flexi Desk 08
37.95 AUD
Hours: 8 (combined)
Meeting Room Hire
The Meeting Room
19.80 AUD
Hours: 8
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